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Surviving the American Dream, one manicure at a time

Series / Half-hour dramedy (in development)

Behind a blur of acrylic tips and nailpolish, ten immigrant workers at Diva Nails juggle eclectic clients, language barriers and their dreams of making it in New York City. But when they begin to uncover the dire effects of their toxic work environment, it leads them on a dangerous path to revenge and murder.

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TIPS was part of the 2020 SeriesFest Pitch-A-Thon and Omni TV Fest with NATPE.

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2020 Webby Award Winner

Anna, a young Czech doctor, gets held up at U.S. immigration after a humanitarian trip to Uganda, the day her boyfriend wants to propose to her.

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Theatrically-released feature documentary film

The filmmaker retraces her grandmother's Auschwitz survival story, and investigates how her life-long fight against intolerance can be taught to the new generations.

Distributed by First Run Features

Now available worldwide on YouTube

Available to rent or purchase on iTunes, DVD available on Amazon and First Run Features.

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I've Been Waiting for This

Commissioned by Works & Process at the Guggenheim

Co-presented by Allies in Arts, Dyamant Pictures, Jerome Robbins Dance Division at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, The Kennedy Center, and New York City Center

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The Bitch in Me

Music video for MuMu's The Bitch in Me

Written & Directed by Serena Dykman

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Ladies First

Music video for MuMu's Ladies First

A 12-step meeting to making a woman cum...

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Featuring New York City Ballet Principal Dancer Joseph Gorden.

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Bed Bugs & Company


A New York-based bug inspector infests people's apartments instead of inspecting them.

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The Doorman


A New York City doorman performs sexual favors for the elderly 

ladies in the building. 

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