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Surviving the American Dream, one manicure at a time

Scripted episodic dramedy series

Women, LGBTQ+, AAPI, social, comedy, drama, women’s health, immigrants, multilingual, low income

A brilliant pregnant Chinese student tries to survive the American Dream one manicure at a time in a toxic Korean-run New York nail salon.

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Project Official Selection

SeriesFest Pitch-A-Thon

Omni TV Fest with NATPE.

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In Development: Video
In Development: Video


Horror fantasy comedy scripted short

Written by James V. Hart

Writer credits include Hook (Dir. Steven Spielberg 1991), Contact (Dir. Robert Zemeckis 1997), The Hot Zone (TV series, 2019)

Directed by Serena Dykman

In a twisted tale where fantasy blurs with reality, a high school cheerleader's one-night stand with a teacher takes a surreal turn. As the night unfolds, shadows of a childhood monster creep from under the bed, weaving a darkly humorous nightmare.

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In Development: Video


Feature Documentary
Animal rights, LGBTQ+, Asian, women, international

"In the heart of Thailand, Australian couple Ewa and Michelle's last-standing working elephant camp becomes the epicenter of a heated conflict with animal rights activists, weaving a 'Tiger King'-esque tale of cultural collision, ethical dilemmas, and the uncertain future of Asia's domesticated elephants amid the controversy of elephant tourism.”

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The Gray Area by Serena Dykman.png
In Development: Video


Feature Documentary 
Disability, music, African-American, NYC, Senior Citizens

In his third act, Frank Senior, a blind African American vocalist, defines success on his own terms against the backdrop of the NYC jazz scene, transcending the boundaries of sight, race and age with the power of music.

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In Development: Video
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